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Starter Kits

Tap My Trees offers 4 starter kits with the highest quality supplies to tap
maple trees at home


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Feedback from Customers

pancakes with syrup

"I LOVED tapping our trees. Our friends and neighbors were all so impressed with us. They all want to try it now. It was so easy!!!"
- Karin from CT


birch syrup

"I can't get over how you can take something from a tree and make it into something so good! I love to do things like this, using things from Nature to make natural foods. After tasting the "Real thing" I don't see how anyone can use the "fake" stuff. I also can't help but think of how the Native Americans first did this with a hollowed out log and hot rocks. Unbelievable!"
- Cliff from CT


"The kits and instructions was the best! We tapped three trees and had to empty the buckets on two of the trees quite a few times. Our grandkids loved the experience and so did we; it was a great success."
- Stan and Kathy from MI


"Your materials were extremely clear and helpful. We had a great season and a lot of fun with the kits."
- Dan from MA


maple syrup

"We real enjoy our starting kit. We use it for tapping birch trees, both for drinking the sap and some of it we cooked to birch syrup. We tapped three trees from Friday night to Sunday afternoon and got about 30 liters of sap."
- Linus from Sweden


"We ended up getting 2 starter kits which we used successfully to tap our maple trees. It was our first year doing this and was quite a learning process!"
- Jennifer from OH


tap maple tree

"Thank you for having such an informative website that walked me through the syruping process. It was such a great experience."
- Jennifer from CT


"I bought the starter kit for my husband for a Christmas present, and he loved it! He tapped our three maples, and the whole process went smoothly."
- Kristen from MN


homemade maple syrup

"Thanks for a great idea and for your products. This is an activity we will do again next year and hopefully for several more years after that."
- Peggy from MD



"It was an awesome experience, and I'm actually planning on doing it again this winter/spring, weather permitting!"
- Adrianna from TN

maple sugaring equipment

Starter Kit with Plastic Buckets



maple sugaring supplies

Starter Kit with Aluminum Buckets



maple sugaring teacher kit

Teacher Kit



maple spiles taps

4 Spiles and Hooks with
Step-by-Step Instructions





maple syrup hydrometer

Maple Syrup Hydrometer



hydrometer test cup

Hydrometer Test Cup



maple sugaring candy thermometer

Syrup/Candy Thermometer



maple sugaring equipment

Spile Cleaning Brushes (3)



maple syrup bottles

Syrup Bottles (3 Bottles/Lids)



maple sugaring filter

Syrup Filter Sheets (2)



maple syrup grading kit

Maple Syrup Grading Kit





Maple Sugaring at Home

Maple Sugaring at Home book



Maple Production DVD

Maple Production DVD



The Sugarmakers's Companion

The Sugarmakers's Companion book